Rhody Notary will serve business, commercial and residential consumers by providing a personalized approach that is guided by expertise and professionalism, allowing us to be leaders in the Notary Public Industry.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality experience , delivering value in the legal, technical and financial aspects of our work. We will continue to grow so that we can maximize our clients evolving needs.

Our Vision:
To be, and be recognized as the best Notary Service in Rhode Island. 

Our Mobile Notary Service allows us a greater sense of flexibility to meet consumer needs.

We are continually developing our personal and professional skills to bring the best value to Rhody Notary clients.

  • Notary Rotary
  • American Association of Notaries
  • NNA Certified
  • Notary Cafe

Contact Details

Rhody Notary
Phone:(401) 301-8391
Fax:(401) 737-0566
Email: aalmanzar@rhodynotary.com
Website: www.rhodynotary.com